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PIAC Request for New Water Fountains (pending)

Bill submitted a request to the Public Improvements Advisory Committee (PIAC) recommending that capital funds be directed toward securing new water fountains with spouts for filling containers. Check back in a couple of months for an update!

July, 2020

Toy Box 

Ken has built a toy box for dog park patrons to store any toys they would like to leave at the park. The toy box will be revised to have a platform. 

July, 2020
August, 2020

Bulletin Board Repaired

Ken updated the bulletin board at the park's entrance so that it is no longer warped and flyers can be pinned. He also added a handle so that it can be opened and closed more easily.

June, 2020

Water Bowls

Ken built several new, beautiful water bowls for the Penn Valley dog park!

June, 2020

Additional Seating 

Work with KC Parks & Recreation to provide additional seating in the park 

August, 2020

Park Maintenance 

Working to maintain park's cleanliness. Set up clean up days and working with Parks and Rec to establish a consistent trash pick up and mowing schedule 

August, 2020

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